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Our Supply Drop Shred Box eBike Essentials is designed to give you the the essentials you need direct to your door every 3 months! By hitting subscribe, you save over £110 a year off the RRP.  The quarterly supply drop are great for every rider and make awesome presents at Birthday, anniversaries and Christmas too! 


Whats inside? 

  • Muc-Off Punk Powder Bike Cleaner (4 Pack) - You can re-use your old Muc-Off bottle or our new aluminium Bottle for Life and clean with a guilt-free conscience. It also works with our pressure washer to create an awesome foam for the fastest clean possible! Any type of water from the water network, rainwater or natural water can be used as long as it is clean. This means when you’re out on your next biking adventure in the middle of nowhere and you want to top up and clean your bike you’ll have no issue doing so from a stream or river.
  • Muc-Off Bio Degreaser 500ml-Our Water Soluble De-Greaser quickly and safely eliminates built-up oil, grease and grime on metal, plastic, rubber and seals. Its unique, *biodegradable formula means that after use it can be quickly rinsed away with water to leave your greasy bike parts completely clean. Our R&D team put in the hours to make sure the Water Soluble Degreaser works on the toughest of grime including waterproof grease and chain lube residue!
  • Muc-Off Bike Spray 500ml- Bike Protect is the ultimate liquid bicycle protection. Preserve and freshen your bike with Bike Protect’s incredible water dispersing action! It’s a perfect ‘all over’, after-wash corrosion inhibitor due to its extremely high oil content. This increased oil content creates the finest bike protection spray on the market. It drives out moisture and leaves a sparkling, non-sticky protective layer on your frame, drive chain, metal parts and paintwork. 
  • Muc-Off Silicone Shine 500ml- Silicon Shine not only leaves your bike looking factory fresh, but it also acts as an amazing friction reducer for suspension parts and reduces dirt adhesion. Spray it onto your fork stanchions and rear shocks to reduce resistance for a silky smooth, World Cup performance.
  • Muc-Off eBike All Weather Chain lube 250ml The Muc-Off eBike All-Weather Chain Lube is a high-performance synthetic chain lube specifically designed for the hi-torque loads applied to an eBike chain. Our unique water repellent, non-fling formula penetrates deep into the chain link, to create a durable protective coating which guards against corrosion and metal to metal wear. A unique blend of extreme pressure additives ensures the lube can stand up to even the most powerful e-bike drivetrains. Our formula will provide lubrication for long distance, on & off-road riding in all conditions under high torque loads. Unrivalled lube intervals will give you maximum protection over long distances.
  • Muc-Off Premium Microfibre Polishing Cloth- Our Luxury Microfibre cloths aren’t just cloths – they're a gateway to effortless cleaning, drying and polishing power at your fingertips! Muc-Off Microfibre cloths contain an amazing ‘split-fibre’ technology, that vastly increases surface area absorbency to easily eliminate smears and blemishes. As well as this, our microfibre’s trap dirt deep in the pile of the cloth – which helps to avoid the chance of swirling, which could ultimately lead to damaged paintwork.


Freebies, offers, stickers and other goodies will be added into the boxes too as a nice surprise  

  *Please note from time to time, some items may not be available and will be substituted with like for like items or items of a higher higher value