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TORQ Gel is a naturally flavoured high-potency hypertonic energy gel, containing no artificial sweeteners or colours, with a silky smooth melt-in-the-mouth texture. TORQ Gel forms part of the TORQ This pack contains 15 gels, Fuelling System, so can be used alongside TORQ’s energy drinks, bars and chews to fuel optimal performances.


Each TORQ Gel contains 30g of carbohydrate.


You can choose 15 gels in multiples of 3. Please note, you can only have 6 Guarana Gels in this pack. 

The flavours are listed below:

Banoffee with Guarana Gel

Forest Fruits with Guarana Gel

Caramel Latte with Guarana Gel

Black Cherry Yoghurt Gel

Orange & Banana Gel

Rhubarb & Custard Gel

Strawberry Yoghurt Gel

Raspberry Ripple Gel

Apple Crumble Gel

Cherry Bakewell Gel

Lemon Drizzle Gel