TORQ Weekend Warrior Drop

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Our TORQ essential supply drop is designed with the weekend warrior in mind. Enough fuel for your weekend ride no matter what type of riding you do.


This pack is designed around 4-5 rides a month. Giving you your essential energy requirements, this pack includes 15 Energy Gels and 10 Drink Sachets. Developed with Torq, we recommend taking 3 gels and 2 drink sachets (2x500ml drinks) per ride subject to the length of the ride, intensity and temperature.


At just £28.67 on a monthly subscription, this pack works out at just £5.73 per ride. It’s simple. If you want to train harder, for longer, and perform better, for longer, recover faster, so that you are fresher for your next session, and achieve all of this safe in the knowledge that what you are putting into your body is both 100% natural and scientifically proven to work….you want to be using TORQ.