Hydrotal 27.5 x 2.40-Downhill Casing-Super Soft-Compound

Hydrotal 27.5 x 2.40-Downhill Casing-Super Soft-Compound

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The specialist for mud & loose terrain, the HYDROTAL is our specialist mud tyre for Downhill.

Tapered and supported knob elements are designed to ease the interaction between stud and soil. Benefit: high mechanical grip and superb self-cleaning properties.

Open pattern design for perfect interaction on loose surfaces. Benefit: superb pattern-soil interaction and self-cleaning.

Support structure and in-line shoulder studs. Benefit: high stability when cornering aggressively in loose and muddy soils.

The HYDROTAL is tubeless-ready, featuring a folding bead and is E-rated to 25kph. .

For mud & loose terrain
DH double ply casing
Supersoft compound
6 ply DH casing negates the need for tyre liners