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The Moon Rigel Power is versatile for off-road, adventure cycling and daily commuting. It features a reliable and stylish CNC aluminium body that's IPX 7 water-resistant while featuring overheat protection and a heat sink cooling system. Plus, it's equipped with a non-dazzling precision optical lens, a variable lumen system and dual colour light beam that's ideal for foggy weather and early morning cycling.

Garmin Style Mount and USB Type-C Compatibility

Additionally, this powerful front cycle light features a Garmin style quick-release handlebar mount that can be easily fitted to your handlebars. It has a USB Type-C remote control, and with a low battery indicator, Matrix LED display and a 7-hour charge time, this light is an exceptional addition to any low light, night-time or bad-weather cycling journey.

Mode /Run Time (hours)/ Lumens

Boost: 1:40 / 3600 lumens
M1: 2:00 / 2400 lumens
M2: 3:15 / 1200 lumens
M3: 7:00 / 750 lumens
FL1: 100:00 / 100 lumens
FL2: 50:00 / 400 lumens
Day FL: 250:00 / 400 lumens
SOS: 120:00 / 80 lumens


LED: 4x SST 40 + 2x 3535
Angle: Spot: 23°, 24°; Total: 105°
Battery: LG 21700 x 2x 10000 mAh
Charging Time: 7 hours
Size: 51 x 115 x 33mm
Intelligent Mode
CNC Aluminium body
Water Resistant IPX 7
Garmin Style quick-release handlebar mount
USB Type-C remote control
Overheat protection system
Heat sink cooling system
Matrix LED display
Low battery indicator
Precision Optical lens
Automatic fully charged cut-off system
Mode memory
Lock system
Variable lumen system
Dual colour beam (specialised for foggy weather)