Mechanic Services

Bike Supply Drop operate a drop off or collect and return your bike service from your home or work address (£15 fee applies).

We collect and return within a ten mile radius of central Newbury, Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 6-7pm and Saturday mornings between 10-12pm.

Please see the map before for a guide to the area covered.

If you're not sure if we cover your area or not, just get in touch and we'll confirm for you.

We are NOT currently setup for Ebike motor servicing and cannot take in bikes with an original retail value of less than £300, due to general parts supply, and time spent getting them to standard.

 All prices below are labour only and parts will be an additional cost unless specified.


  • Tyre or tube replacement (wheel only)£18
  • Tyre or tube replacement (in bike) £20
  • Tubeless conversion (Per Wheel) £35
    Includes basic valve and Muc-off sealent
  • Tubeless Tyre Swap £20


  • Gear adjustment £17
  • Gear cable replacement front£10
  • Gear cable replacement rear£10
  • Fit new chain£15
  • Fit new cassette£15
  • Bottom bracket replacement£30
  • Bottom bracket adjustment£14
  • Replace front chainset and adjust gears£30
  • Fit new f/r derailers and adjust gears£30


  • Headset adjustment£14
  • Headset replacement£40
  • Headset strip and re-grease£30
  • Fit forks£35
  • Handle bar replacement£25
  • Stem replacement£14


  • Brake adjustment f/r£20
  • Brake bleed f/r£30
  • Fit Lights£10
  • Fit cycle computer£10
  • Fit mudguards (clip on)£12
  • Fit mudguards (with stravs)£20
  • Fit rack£15
  • Bike set up from box£60


  • SET UP £30
  • Lower leg service (additional charge for seals may apply
  • Shock aircan service (additional charge for seals apply