Fixed Price Services


It is imports that your bike remains in good working order and a service is the best way to achieve this. Additionally, servicing helps highlight potential problems before they cause further damage or let you down (usually at the most
inconvenient time possible!).

We recommend choosing one of our Fixed Price Services below, but we are happy to accommodate other specific requirements if necessary. There are no additional call out charges for any of these.


Recommended every 6 months or 750 miles whichever comes first.

  1. Brake & gear adjustment
  2. Check chain for wear, clean & lubricate
  3. Wheels checked for trueness and play
  4. Check & inflate tyres
  5. General safety check (handlebars, cranks & pedals etc)
  6. Recommendations for any further work if required

The labour cost of fitting any replacement parts is not included.


By far our most popular Service as it offers the best value for for money for most bikes.

Recommended every 12 months or 1500 miles whichever comes first.

  1. Brakes are balanced and tightened, pads or cables replaced if necessary
  2. Gears are tuned and indexed, cables and parts replaced if necessary
  3. Headset and bottom bracket are checked for play and adjusted if necessary
  4. Chain checked for wear and cleaned or replaced if necessary & lubricated
  5. Chainrings and cassette/freehub checked for wear and lubricated
  6. All bolts checked including handlebar, saddle and crank bolts
  7. Wheels are trued, hubs are checked for play and adjusted if necessary
  8. Wheel rim condition inspected for wear
  9. Tyres are inflated to correct pressure

Unlike most bike shops, additional work such as the fitting of replacement parts is included with this service. e.g. fitting of tyres, new chain, gear cables or brakes pads (you just pay for the parts).

(Excludes suspension components, and hydraulic brake bleeding)


General Service as above PLUS Software Update + Diagnostic Check + Drive unit casing Removed, Cleaned & Checked + Battery Check + Lock Mechanism Check + Full Report Printout Supplied.

To find out more about our Bosch eBike services CLICK HERE.


Recommended for the keen cyclist, off roaders and for the restoration of classic bikes. 

In addition to the main service, we will strip your bicycle down to component level, including headset, wheel hubs and bottom bracket removal, replace loose wheel bearings if applicable and inspect condition of all components for wear or damage then reassemble using fresh lubricants.

(Excludes suspension components, and hydraulic brake bleeding)